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Troubleshooting training in Denver/Chicago (USA)

PROFIBUS troubleshooting trainingHaving problems with your PROFIBUS network! This is the class for you. It will teach you the skills you need to find and isolate problems fast.

Come join us:
28 - 29 April (Denver, Colorado)
30 April - 1 May (Chicago, Illinois)

PROFIBUS PA Link running on 12 Mbps

PROFIBUS PA LinkThe transparent PROFIBUS PA link/coupler enables seamless high speed integration to PA.

It powers the PA devices and emulates them as DP devices on the backplane. Adjusted bus-parameters are not required and therefore suitable for all host systems running on 12 Mbps.
PROCENTEC is moving to a new HQ

New PROCENTEC buildingAs of April 1, 2014 we are moving to a brand new headquarters

The property has an advanced training room and large R&D department where our products will be developed. Our new HQ enables even better service in terms of PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology!
Our new address by April 1, 2014:
Klopperman 16
The Netherlands

PROFIBUS Training Device

SIO4DPThe SIO4DP is the first dedicated PROFIBUS training device and ideal for educational and testing environments. It allows engineers to practice so they can act appropriately when faults occur.

SIO4DP is a simple slave device with 4 bits input and 4 bits output. It emulates bus failures and I/O patterns. It generates a bus fault by physically removing itself from the PROFIBUS after a certain time.
Certified PROFINET Engineer training

certified profinet engineer training courseWe are organizing new sessions of the 'Certified PROFINET Engineer' training course.

This first-class training is an intensive theoretical and practical course that is acknowledged by an official exam.

8 - 10 July 2014 (Wateringen)

We supply the recommended ERTEC 200 and 400 for easy and low cost PROFINET RT and IRT product development.

These high-performance Ethernet controllers with integrated Real Time switches and 32-bit microprocessor were specially developed for industrial use. They are a perfect solution for developing simple and complex field devices where space is tight.

PROCENTEC BuidlingPROCENTEC is an independent company, concentrating all its products and services on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Our main business is the development of automation products which are exported through our worldwide distributor network. PROCENTEC is also providing vendor independent training and support to end-users.

The technology and solutions that we offer enable our customers to successfully participate in the world of industrial automation. We take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of fieldbus requirements in factory and process automation and the expertise to create innovative solutions for these areas.

With ProfiTrace we are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile troubleshooting and maintenance tools. Our innovative ProfiHubs provide the most reliable network infrastructure on the market today. With our new COMbricks platform we are rapidly becoming the primary manufacturer of network components with integrated capabilities for remote monitoring and asset management.

PROCENTEC runs a couple of offices; the headquarters is based in The Netherlands and a sales/support office is located in Germany.

Klopperman 16
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 174-671 800
Fax: +31 174-671 801

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