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DOWN PROFINET Industrial Ethernet cable
DOWN Cable terminology


LEONI Cable    
Fire retardant PROFIBUS DP cable halogen free with fillers   L45467-G16-C266
PROFIBUS DP cable for rodent protection/outdoor/ground with fillers UV   L45467-G16-C276
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable FC   L45467-G16-C185
PROFIBUS DP festoon cable with fillers   L45467-G16-C255
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable halogen free FC FRNC   L45467-G16-C286
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable halogen free FRNC with fillers   L45467-G16-C206
PROFIBUS DP food industry cable UV FC   L45467-G16-C246
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable with fillers   L45467-G16-C145
Flexible PROFIBUS DP cable   L45467-G16-C375
Robust PROFIBUS DP cable FRNC UV FC   L45467-G16-C118
PROFIBUS DP ground/burial cable UV FC   L45467-G16-C236
PROFIBUS DP trailing cable FRNC   L45467-G16-C98
High temperature PROFIBUS DP cable UV with fillers   L45467-G16-N17
PROFIBUS DP EMC or ground cable UV   L45467-G16-C355
PROFIBUS DP trailing cable FRNC halogen free with fillers   L45467-G16-C88
Lapp Cable    
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable with fillers   2170220
Standard PROFIBUS DP cable FC   2170820
PROFIBUS DP ground/burial cable UV FC   2170323
PROFIBUS DP ground/burial cable UV with fillers   2170223
Flexible PROFIBUS DP cable hologen free with fillers   2170222
PROFIBUS DP trailing cable FC   2170322
Fire retardant PROFIBUS DP cable halogen free FC   2170853
Cable Tools    
Siemens PROFIBUS Cable Stripping Tool   40209


LEONI Cable    
Standard PROFIBUS PA cable blue/black   L45467-J20-C105
Flexible PROFIBUS PA cable blue/black   L45467-J21-C45
PROFIBUS PA EMC or ground cable Ex UV blue   L45467-J20-C135
Lapp Cable    
Standard cable FC UV blue   2170334
Standard cable FC UV black   2170335
Flexible PA cable blue   2170234
Flexible PA cable UV black   2170235

UPPROFINET Industrial Ethernet Cable

Office automation has long set the standards for Ethernet cable and connectors. These standards also provide the basis for Industrial Automation networks. However the demands on cable and connectors go far beyond the limits of office automation when it comes down to mechanical, chemical and electromechanical stress. In contrast to 8-wire Ethernet cable, PROFINET uses a 4-wire robust quad cable. The electrical performance is optimised for 100Base-Tx and shielded against interference. PROCENTEC is distributing suitable PROFINET cable from Leoni, Lapp and Siemens.

LEONI Cable    
Standard PROFINET cable FC   L45467-J16-B35
Standard PROFINET cable halogen free FC FRNC   L45467-J16-B136
Flexible installation PROFINET cable   L45467-J17-B15
Flexible installation PROFINET cable halogen free FRNC   L45467-J16-B146
PROFINET rodent protection/outdoor/ground cable UV FC   L45467-J16-B56
Lapp Cable    
Standard Cable FC   2170893
Flexible Cable FC   2170886
Highly Flexible Cable   2170888
Cable Tools    
Siemens PROFINET Cable Stripping Tool   40208

UPCable Terminology

FRNC Flame Retardant Non Corrosive.
This cable type complies with fire protection guidelines.
FEP Fluorinated ethylene-propylene
A thermo-plastic material with good electrical insulating properties. It has high media resistance against nearly all organic and inorganic chemical substances and outstanding temperature resistance.
Fillers Non conducting additives or tubes for improving certain cable characteristics without changing the main ones. For example; roundness, flexibility, hardness, or a combination of all three, to the cable.
Halogen free In case of a fire, this cable will NOT develop any poisonous gases. This is often a requirement in public buildings. Without further measures, a halogen free cable is flammable.
IEC 60332-1 This standard governs the flame retardant grade specifications in reference to low smoke zero halogen cables. It reduces the amount of dangerous/poisonous gases in case of fire. The main difference between UL 1581, UL 1666 and UL 910 is that the cable under the IEC specifications can continue to burn while still emitting very low quantity of gases. The UL specifications demand the flame to be extinguished, but it can still emit dangerous/poisonous gases. Today virtually all medium and large installations in Europe must meet this IEC specification.
IEC 60332-3 This standard is more demanding than IEC 60332-1 because it specifies cable bundles. Many public authorities are already specifying that new installations must meet IEC 60332-3.
PE Polyethylene
A thermoplastic material having excellent electrical properties. A low and stable dielectric constant over all frequencies with very high insulation resistance. Polyethylene can be rated stiff to very hard. Moisture resistance is rated excellent.
PUR Polyurethane
This jacket/sheath is extremely tough, especially resistant to low temperatures (-40 °C) and is still easy to wind.
PVC Polyvinylchloride
A general purpose flexible thermoplastic that is chemically nonreactive. It accepts paint and performs well under most silkscreening processes.

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